What’s your recovery going to look like?

Success in recovery is possible for anyone. These stories show how people from many different backgrounds have recovered.

“I was a ‘status quo’ addict,” Elijah said. “I believed I was managing my drug use as long as things looked good on the outside.” Elijah’s parents divorced when he was five, and things were rough.

Lily was 36 and thinking about suicide. Her husband had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly; she suffered from chronic pain due to lupus; and she was addicted to prescription pain pills

Isaac was a rising star in the Ultimate Fighting Championship when opiate addiction cut his career short and left him homeless, separated from his family, and facing prison for crimes he committed to feed his habit.

Seven years ago, Thomas was sitting alone in his room in an inpatient facility with the thought that no one in the world wanted to hear a word he had to say, and the only possible solution he could come up with to solve the mess of his life was death.