The Support you need when your family is affected by addiction

TPRC Parenting Program empowers families through 16 weeks of individual, group and family counseling. We provide support, education and skillbuilding for parents and caregivers. Our focus is on those whose children have experienced family substance use, neglect, trauma, abuse and/or removal from the home.

We want to help you rebuild safe and trusting relationships with the children in your care. Education, role-playing, skill-building and reflection help you heal and learn to be a more effective, comfortable and nurturing parent.   Learning to parent is challenging. If your child is experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulty as a result of their experience, you need skills and support to help them – and you – grow through the experience. We come to the process from a trauma informed, strengths-based perspective: that is, we respect you, your family and your experience, and we believe you absolutely can be the loving, supportive parent you want to be.

Program Goals and Requirements

  • Increase parental sensitivity: awareness and response to the feelings, thoughts, and internal experiences of their child.
  • Increase parental reflective function: parent awareness of their own feelings, thoughts, and internal experiences that elicit their reactions to their child
  • Increase emotional regulation: response-abiity to parents’ own and their child’s emotional distress, especially as it relates to the parent-child relationship.
  • Increase sense of satisfaction and efficacy in parenting
  • Increase parent-child attachment security
  • Decrease caregiver stress and depression.
  • Decrease symptoms or episodes of conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, attachment disturbances, and parent-child conflict.

The Parenting Program consists of one group and one individual/family therapy session weekly; groups will be held via the Zoom platform, while individual therapy sessions may be provided in person.

The Parenting Program is available to current Turning Point IOP and Aftercare clients.  It is also available through primary referral as an ASAM Level 1 program. Clients who do not qualify for a higher level of care, but who wish to address parenting/family support needs while developing accountability for their own substance use, may be admitted to the parenting program.

Additionally, it should be understood that all TPRC clients in all programs, including this one, are subject to random urinalysis.


Individual and Family Therapy Session:

Clients are scheduled based on concurrent programming and within the boundaries of insurance reimbursement requirements. We want to ensure that your parenting groups and individual appointments are not on the same days as your IOP groups and counseling. If you are enrolling in the parenting program at the same time as IOP, you can expect to be with us almost every day. Let’s make sure this is practical and appropriate for your needs and commitments; try to be flexible, but be honest about limits and obligations so we can work with you to ensure success.


Urine Drug Screens:

Clients will be required to provide at least one random UDS weekly.  Urine screens will be coordinated, scheduled and obtained by Turning Point’s specimen collectors at 9201 Montgomery Blvd NE #V, Albuquerque, NM 87111.



Fees for Service:

  • Centennial policies will cover 100% of cost.
  • If you have another kind of insurance, we will work with you, your insurer and the referring agency if there is one to help you get the care you need in a way that makes sense.
  • You may have a copay; your insurance may want you to complete IOP before beginning the parenting program; you may choose to pay “out of pocket” or out of your HSA for some services. Talk to us; we will help you meet your care needs.

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Other Important Information

Emergency Please Call: 911

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